Release notes

cellXpress pro 2.3.8 (9 November 2022)

  • First public production release of cellXpress 2.
  • Added multi-marker-set merging function
  • Added CellShape AI (CSAI) segmentation
  • Added CUDA support for CSAI acceleration
  • Added subpopulation detection
  • Added subpopulation visualization
  • Added external clustering visualization function
  • Added autofluorescence (SNR) measurement
  • Added population feature extraction
  • Added support of additional containers (slides and tissue microarrays)
  • Added online reference project download function
  • Added ROI annotation function for tissue images
  • Added OME-TIFF and QTIFF image support
  • Added auto detection and switching to CPU-optimized code
  • Improved memory allocation efficiency and image processing speed
  • Ported to macOS

cellXpress pro 1.4.2 (8 March 2017)

  • Fixed a bug in loading images with no cell.

cellXpress pro 1.4.1 (13 Feb 2017)

  • Fixed a bug in loading images with non-zero-based channel indexes.

cellXpress pro 1.4 (2 Feb 2017)

  • [Feature Extraction] Added chromosomal-region detection and features
  • [PlateViewer] Display range has been changed from min-max to 5-95 percentiles
  • [cXViewer] Added SNR calculation for autofluorescence detection
  • [Profiling] Added plate view format for exporting feature values
  • [Profiling] Added directory removal for clearing existing segmentation or feature data files
  • [Common] Added OpenCL detection code
  • [Common] Optimized the chunk size for column reading (more than doubles the feature loading speed)
  • [Common] Fixed a bug in the cell-region percentile measurement
  • [Common] Fixed several other minor bugs
  • [Common] Updated to OpenCV 3.2.0 and wxWidgets 3.1.0

cellXpress pro 1.3 (5 Oct 2015)

  • Updated to OpenCV 2.9.10 and wxWidgets 3.0.2.
  • Optimized for 64-bit CPUs with AVX/AVX2 support.
  • Added desktop link file for Linux.
  • Minor bugs fixed.

cellXpress pro 1.2 (30 May 2014)

  • Updated to OpenCV 2.9.4 and wxWidgets 3.0.
  • New function to add multiple plates under a folder.
  • More robust procedures to handle and report corrupted images.
  • Can resume unfinished segmentation and feature extraction jobs. Useful for large-scale processings.

cellXpress pro 1.1 (20 May 2013)

  • [Segmentation] Added DIC watershed-based cell segmentation algorithm.
  • [Feature extraction] Added Haralick texture, Hu moment, and local structure features.
  • [Tools] Added DIC image alignment tool.

cellXpress pro 1.0 (10 Jan 2013)

  • First public production release.
  • Modules: cellXplorer, cellViewer, and cXlibrary.
  • Feature extraction: morphology, intensity, intensity ratio, and pixel-level correlation features.
  • Profiling: SVM-based d-profiles.