cellXpress 2.4.0 with WSI support available now (June 2024)

Key features

Marker-set architecture

Optimum image processing based on different marker sets

Hyperplexed images

Intuitive visualization of large tissue images and results with 50+ markers

CellShape AI segmentation

Accurate detection of heterogenous and overlapped cells in tissues

Subpopulation identification

Systematic identification of diverse cell types or subpopulations

Published work that used cellXpress

selected publication image 1

Choice of PD-L1 immunohistochemistry assay influences clinical eligibility for gastric cancer immunotherapy

J Yeong et. al., Gastric Cancer, 2022
cellXpress was used to quantify the three PD-L1 antibody clones (22C3, SP142 and 28-8) and cytokeratin.
selected publication image 2

ImmunoAtlas: An online portal for sharing, visualizing, and referencing multiplex IHC/IF images and results for immuno-oncology

Joey Lee et. al., J. Immunother Cancer, 2021
cellXpress was used to efficiently process and manage large numbers of huge mIHC/IF or brightfield images.